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In recent times with the advancement of technology, computing capability has become cheaper and easily deployable on a host of small devices, making them more intelligent and user friendly. The evangelists at Softomaniac Solutions hone deep background into Embedded Technologies. Focused on hard and soft Realtime systems, Softomaniac provides solutions for automotive sector, Test and Measurement, Handheld devices and high precision Instrumentation software. Softomaniac has specific design and software implementation capabilities for Digital Oscilloscopes, Medical Diagnostic Instruments, Chemical Analyzers, MP3 players; PDAs, SmartPhones and other small RISC based gadgets. Platforms like Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Embedded Linux, Symbian, Palm and J2ME form Softomaniac’s key technology horizontal focus areas. The Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile based devices have made “Computing power available while on the move”. Softomaniac addresses these segments with its expertise to design aesthetically appealing, user friendly and easily re-distributable applications.

e-Commerce in e-Buisness and Web Technologies

Softomaniac Solutions provides extensive designing and development services for Web enabled eBusiness solutions. Softomaniac extends its technical capabilities to design, implement and deploy robust and reliable eBusiness solutions on J2EE or .NET framework. Lightweight PHP solutions are also customized for small and medium business needs. Our experience and insight into diverse cross section of Internet users coupled with the detailed understanding of human perceptions and human behavior empowers us to analyze each Web solution in a different way. The intended visitors, the nationality, the society, the income strata and all other relevant details of the target visitors are taken into account during the initial site conception and aesthetic theme generation part. This leads to designs and functionalities that ultimately turn out to be highly accepted and popular among the visitors.

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